Versabar Rigging System Used to Lift Restored WWII Patrol Torpedo Vessel

Versabar donated a three-bar rigging system for lifting PT-305 and her custom cradle near the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.


Versabar’s VB 10,000 Performs Multiple Jacket Removal

After using the Claw to remove three topsides from the Gulf earlier in the lift season, Versabar’s VB 10,000 returned to the field to remove each of the jackets. Because of their heights, placing the jackets on transport barges offshore was not an option.


Versabar’s Versa-Adjust Variable Length Spreader Bar

Versabar’s newly patented Versa-Adjust spreader bar provides an efficient capacity-to-weight ratio across any load spectrum.


Versabar VB 10,000 Makes a Clean Sweep of Three Topsides

In a total elapsed time of just 30 hours the VB 10,000 has successfully and safely recovered 4,534 tons of “idle iron” from the Gulf of Mexico. A remarkable feat made possible by dedicated personnel and a safe work ethic!


Versabar Provides Customized Testing Services for Riser and Umbilical Pull-ins

Versabar’s thorough and accurate System Integration Testing (SIT) program is exemplified in this test of a riser guide tube assembly (RGTA).


Versabar Rigging Used in Silo Construction Project

Versabar provided custom engineering and rigging to aid in the construction of new storage silos in the Port of Gulfport, Mississippi.


Module and Helideck Lifts

Versabar provided lift engineering and rigging to relocate an 80-ton helideck and reinstall a 193-ton pump module on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico.


1,700-ton Topside Removed by Versabar's VB 10,000

Versabar’s VB 10,000 offshore heavy lift system removed a 1,700 topside from a decommissioned platform in the Gulf.


Versabar’s Claw Removes 300-ton Derrick

Versabar’s Claw grappling device was used in conjunction with the VB 10,000 heavy lift vessel to retrieve a 300-ton derrick.


VB 10,000 Performs Two Subsea Retrievals

The VB 10,000 heavy lift vessel performed the first lift of its 2015 season with the retrieval of an 800-ton deck from a depth of 210’ in the Gulf of Mexico.


Versabar Provided Engineering and Hydraulic Equipment for SCR FlexJoint Replacement Project

An offshore operator recently completed SCR (steel catenary riser) FlexJoint replacements on the oil and gas export pipelines on a TLP (tension leg platform) in the Gulf of Mexico.
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