Versabar, Inc. is driven to be the industry leader in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance. Versabar is committed to growing a proactive safety culture that promotes conducting business in a manner that assures the health and safety of all employees and those affected by Versabar's activities, as well as progressive protection of the environment. In achieving these objectives, we will be guided by the following core beliefs:

  1. All accidents, occupational illnesses and environmental incidents are preventable.
  2. Compliance with applicable laws and governing regulations is a requirement.
  3. Safe work and environmental protection are conditions of employment.
  4. A thriving safety culture is vital for business success.

In accordance with this policy Versabar, Inc. shall:

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations governing occupational health, safety and the environment.
  • Provide a healthful, safe and environmentally secure workplace for employees and those affected by our activities.
  • Maintain an ongoing process of workplace hazard identification, corresponding hazard mitigation and provide enlightened procedures and practices to ensure a safe work atmosphere.
  • Advise employees of their roles and responsibilities to meet safety and environmental standards.
  • Make HSE performance a key factor in individual employee performance evaluations.
  • Motivate employees to take a personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of those around them.
  • Promote the responsibility to utilize Stop Work Authority whenever warranted.
  • Manage HSE like any other key aspect of business performance by establishing goals and objectives for continuous improvement.
  • Devote sufficient resources to ensure exceptional HSE performance.
  • Require immediate reporting of any HSE accident, incident or near miss and follow up investigation resulting in lessons learned.

Through these commitments and with the full cooperation of the Versabar team, Versabar strives to be an industry leader in accident and incident prevention and the preservation of our environment.




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