Quality Policy

Versabar is committed to the belief that quality forms the foundation for business success. Versabar strives to provide our customers with quality products, excellent service, and value.


Versabar's commitment to quality is accomplished by pursuing the following quality objectives: Versabar’s commitment to Quality as stated in this Corporate Quality Policy will be realized by the passionate pursuit of the following Quality Objectives:

Total Customer Focus

Versabar shall understand all customer requirements and continuously communicate with the client. Versabar will inspire confidence among our customers by rigorously adhering to contracts, customer requirements, procedures, and reporting.

We realize that fulfilling our commitment to Quality requires the dedication of each and every team member.  Therefore we will foster a Quality Culture within the Company by ensuring that all team members are properly trained, competent, and committed to the Quality Procedures set forth in the Quality Manual. 

Professional, Trained Personnel

Each employee shall be committed and dedicated to the quality process. This produces the desired quality culture by ensuring that all team members are trained, competent, and committed to Versabar's quality procedures.

Quality Management System

Versabar maintains a documented Quality Management System, certified to ISO 9001:2015, detailing the policies and procedures utilized to implement the corporate quality policy.

Continuous Improvement

Versabar constantly seeks to improve our services and customer satisfaction, and continuously monitors our processes and procedures for efficiency and conformance to customer requirements. Continuous review and improvement processes ensure the highest caliber of products and services are delivered to our client.








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