Integrated Lift Management

The Safe, In-House, On-Time Lift Project Approach

Whether it involves a 10,000-lb. compression skid in a fabrication yard or a 4,500-ton topside at an offshore location, making a lift is a complex operation involving considerable planning and preparation along with professional engineering and execution. For lift operations to be conducted safely and projects to be completed on schedule, project managers have a number of  “critical path” factors to consider.

  1. Have we acquired accurate weight and center of gravity measurements?
  2. Has the lift rigging been tested, certified and is it on site?
  3. Have lift points been verified?
  4. What steps have been taken to mitigate risk factors?
  5. Do we have a lift drawing?
  6. Are we following a professionally engineered lift plan and are all of these documents on site?
  7. Will we have qualified lift supervisors on site?

These and other inquiries must be satisfied before a lift project may move to the final stages.


Having managed over 90,000 lift projects since 1981, at Versabar we understand the demand for smooth coordination of services and a timely resolution of variables in preparing for and executing a lift project. By gathering all the disciplines in-house we’ve eliminated the delays, the conflicts, and the guesswork that can hamper operations and play havoc with your project schedule.

We call this approach Integrated Lift Management.





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