Deck Raising Systems

Challenged by an offshore operator to increase the storm air gap on two 8-pile Gulf of Mexico production topsides, Versabar developed a patented process and successfully elevated each platform 14 feet in under two hours.


The project was completed for Devon Energy on their Eugene Island 330B & 330C platforms, and used 32 hydraulic rams with 260 tons capacity each.  The platforms had experienced considerable storm damage during hurricanes Katrina and Rita, yet still had production life warranting the deck raise.


Versabar developed a split sleeve which kept the legs of the platform captured during the entire process of cutting the legs and raising the platform. The sleeves then became the legs’ extensions at the completion of the deck raising. Versabar used a pin connection to keep the platforms storm safe during the cutting and welding process.  Engineering, fabrication, testing, delivery, and completion of this “first in the Gulf of Mexico” project was completed by the staff of Versabar’s Houston facility.


The Deck Raising System received the Spotlight on New Technology Award in 2007.


To view an article published in December, 2006, outlining Versabar's first deck raising project, click here. Video footage of the operation can be viewed here.


The continuing impact of subsea subsidence in offshore fields has created a revival of interest in Versabar’s Deck Raising technology. Versabar has provided engineering and equipment for the raising of a multi-platform bridge linked complex in Southeast Asia in 2013. This technology can be used on multi-platform complexes in a simultaneous and synchronized process.


For more information, an article published in 2013 can be viewed here.


A 3D animation of the procedure can be viewed below.


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