New Versabar Lift Device - The Claw

Designed and built in just nine months as a solution for reducing diver exposure time in offshore salvage operations, the Claw is Versabar's new lift device to be used in conjunction with the VB 10,000 lift system. The Claw consists of two identical assemblies, one for each gantry of the VB 10,000. Each operates independently, but can be used in tandem for a double claw lift. The Claw will perform most of it's work underwater, retrieving damaged topsides and placing them on custom engineered baskets that have been lowered to the sea floor adjacent to sunken topsides. The Claw was assembled at Gulf Marine Fabricators in Aransas Pass, TX where it also underwent a series of function and load tests to ensure all of its key components were functioning properly prior to its deployment.

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