The Claw Debuts in the Gulf

In a four-day span, the VB 10,000 retrieved five sunken topsides from the Gulf of Mexico using the new Claw lift device. Purpose-built baskets were lowered by the VB 10,000 into the Gulf and placed on the sea floor adjacent to each structure. Each of the five topsides was then lifted one at a time by the Claw, and placed on a basket. The VB 10,000 retrieved the baskets with the topsides on top of them, placing no further stress on the damaged topsides. One gantry was used to perform the underwater lift of the topside with the Claw, while the other gantry of the VB 10,000 used a custom rigging setup to lift each basket, resulting in the quick, efficient recovery of approximately 3,500 tons of combined weight of hurricane debris.

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