Versabar Develops New Versacutter Prototype

Versabar and one of its key clients teamed to produce a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly method of cleanly severing subsea structures 15 feet below the mudline. Versabar engineered a working prototype to be used in conjunction with the VB 10,000 to remove a 250-ton caisson-mounted topside. Called the Versacutter the prototype utilizes wire rope threaded with custom-engineered tungsten-carbide beads, and is operated by hydraulic winches. The cutting wire successfully sawed through the mud and cleanly severed the 60 caisson along with both internal and external conductors, a total of eight interfaces of steel and concrete in just ten hours. Following the successful cut, the VB 10,000 lifted the entire structure and towed it back to port where it was placed on a barge for transport to a salvage facility.

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