VersaCutter Receives Spotlight on New Technology Award

Versabar’s VersaCutter is one of 15 new technologies to receive the Spotlight on New Technology Award for the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference. The award recognizes “the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future.” This is Versabar's fourth time receiving the Spotlight on New Technology award, having been recognized for the Deck Raising System in 2007, the Bottom Feeder in 2008, and the Claw in 2012.


The VersaCutter is a subsea cutting tool that provides a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly way of severing subsea structures such as platforms and pipelines no longer in production. It delivers a long reciprocating cutting wire up to 20 feet below the mudline by jetting, with the wire continuously cutting through the piles and conductors. The VersaCutter prototype successfully severed through a 60” caisson along with both internal and external conductors (a total of eight interfaces of steel and concrete) to remove a 250-ton caisson-mounted topside in just ten hours. After the success of the prototype, Versabar is now moving towards the next phase of development for a production model.


For more information, view video footage and recently published magazine articles. (Offshore February 2015, ENR December 2014, Oilfield Technology November 2014, JPT November 2014, and Offshore Engineer August 2014)

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