We deliver Heavy Lifting solutions.

Versabar was founded in 1981 by University of Illinois Civil Engineering Graduate Jon Khachaturian. Beginning with the reusable spreader bar, Jon has presently registered 56 foreign and domestic patents, leading Versabar to a position of world leadership in the development and application of heavy lifting solutions. Pioneering the disciplines of certified weight measurement and proof load testing, Versabar has expanded its international portfolio to include hydraulic winch and custom chain jack rental, subsea lowering systems, umbilical and riser pull-ins and deployment of subsea jumper bars. Versabar helps clients manage risk while delivering solutions to increasingly complex projects.

The Power. . .

Versabar approaches all problems as unique. We develop custom solutions designed to meet the requirements of each project. This philosophy of customization and optimization ensures a high degree of alignment with the client’s overall objectives.

. . . of Engineering . . .

Versabar engineers are able to develop practical solutions that build on our more than 30 years of field experience. Supported by significant internal engineering and design capabilities, these solutions can be developed and implemented quickly and efficiently.

. . . Delivered

Versabar’s Operations Staff provide strong field support to our projects around the globe. Our technicians are certified and trained in the assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance of all Versabar systems, and are in compliance with HSE requirements for all major operators.






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